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Swimming pool pumps targeted for carbon reduction
The European pump manufacturing sector has been actively engaged with the EU in developing policies, standards and programmes to make an impact on carbon reduction.

The move has been made through the European Association of Pump Manufacturers .Pumps are responsible for some 5% of total electro-motive energy consumption, and the European pump sector is only too aware of the need to make a significant contribution to carbon reduction.

Under the EUP directive the Commission focussed first on high production volume products, identifying glandless circulating pumps up to 2500W and various centrifugal based water pumps as the initial targets.

Europump via its standards and technical commissions formed an energy joint working group, who with the co-operation of the Technical University of Darmstadt formulated carbon savings programmes and standards for all the associated pump types. The work on the circulators has now been completed with new and tough efficiency improvements due to come into force in 2013 and 2015 respectively. The changes will require massive production investment by the pump sector largely due to a technology shift, which will require a move toward permanent magnet motor technology and variable speed controls. At the same time the EU approved new energy targets for the majority of electric motors fitted to pumps.

Europump are continuing to negotiate with the EU on the water pumps, where their ‘house of efficiency’ scheme is expected to be used in the removal of least efficient products. They are also working toward the development of extended product and systems standards, where the potential for significant carbon reductions are best obtained.

The EU have now informed Europump that Swimming Pool pumps are next in-line, and it is likely that the programmes and standards being developed by Europump will be adapted to fit products in this sector.

The time is fast approaching when pumps fitted to swimming pools, like those used in domestic heating systems, will face stringent efficiency design standards, along with the need to adopt extended product control and monitoring equipment, and to be applied to efficient system design.

The British Pump Manufacturers Association have as the UK members of Europump been at the forefront of the European energy programme; providing experts, secretariat, and working group chairmen all overseen by the BPMAs representative on Europump Council, Ken Hall, Managing Director of Calpeda Pumps, who has been the President of Europump for the past two years. The BPMA is also in negotiations with the UK government in respect of the EUP directive and UK specific legislation.

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