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JUNE 2024
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Fairlocks Pool Products
Hot Tub Survey Discovers Owners Use Personal Spas More Frequently Than Expected
Hot Spring®, the only brand to sell more than one million hot tubs, has completed a new survey on consumer perceptions and real-life uses of hot tubs from more than 700 respondents. Results from the survey indicate that hot tub owners cite the wellness benefits of a personal spa more frequently than non-owners expect.

Major differences in how non-owners anticipate they would use a hot tub versus what actually transpires for owners include:
  • More than 89% of non-owners would expect to use a hot tub during weekends or after work combined. In actuality, weekends and after work are cited by only 53.8% of hot tub owners. (note: respondents were able to select more than one response option for this question)
  • The single most popular time for owners to hot tub is right before bedtime: 44.7%. This exceeds the 31.6% anticipated by non-owners.
  • Twice as many owners (13%) consider the installation of a hot tub an investment in their home, versus non-owners (6.3%) with that perception.
  • 10.7% of owners are likely to partake in a "first thing in the morning" soak, contrasted with only 2.3% of non-owners considering that a likely option.
The recently completed survey also highlights that the physical and mental benefits of a personal spa are transforming the hot tub into a wellness appliance. Relaxation/stress relief was far and away the primary reason to own a hot tub, cited by 64.5% of non-owners and 83.9% of owners. Other health-related reasons (respondents could select more than one option) for hot tubbing include:
  • Better sleep: noted by 33.3% of owners; 18.3% by non-owners.
  • Improved recovery from exercise: 49% of owners selected this option, compared to 34.8% of non-owners.
  • Recuperating from injury: 20% by non-owners; 22.4% of owners.
Despite the fact that 98% of respondents claim wellness is "somewhat" to "extremely important" – less healthy habits clearly remain part of today's lifestyles. Findings include:
  • By far, the most popular habit for unwinding was "drinking an adult beverage" selected by 19.3% of non-owner respondents and 23.9% of spa owners.
  • 8.3% of non-owners would go to the gym, while only 5.9% of owners selected this option.
The value of a hot tub as a way for families to bond and communicate is also significant. While 23% of non-owners cite "family-time" as an important way they use their hot tubs, more than 42% of actual owners state they use their spa for this purpose. When asked with whom owners would choose to hot tub, a spouse was the most popular option receiving more than 60.5% of responses. Hot tubbing with their children was the second most frequently selected response among owners at 21.4%.

"This survey data shows that hot tub users view their hot tub as an important, regular component of their wellness routines," stated Kacy Rivers, Hot Spring Brand Manager. "Our survey also reveals that if you own a personal spa, it is getting frequent use, much more use than non-owning consumers would guess."
Other interesting findings from the survey include:
  • While an overwhelming number of respondents consider hot tubbing a social experience, 14.8% of owners state that they prefer to hot tub by themselves as it's their "alone time."
  • 16.7% of owners use their hot tub four or more times per week.
  • Almost nine percent (8.9%) of owners hot tub daily.
For more information on Hot Spring hot tubs visit www.hotspring.co.uk

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