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ASA steps up it's swim safety campaign
Britain’s top swimming organisation is stepping up its Get Safe 4 Summer campaign as the summer holidays approach. The campaign from the ASA is aimed at children and parents and tries to make children aware of the dangers posed by water. It is also aimed at trying to give more people confidence in water and knowing when they are safe and when there is danger. The campaign is set against a background of an increased number of deaths by drowning amongst children all over Europe.

The objectives of the campaign are to:
• Promote and raise awareness of the importance of learning to swim and achieving water confidence
• Increase knowledge and practical water safety skills
• Raise awareness that organised, supervised water based activity is fun and safe
• Introduce new water based skills such as snorkelling
• Promote swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle and family activity
• Provide the information in a fun and memorable way

Selected events are held around the country, where youngsters are taught everything from how they can spot the dangers themselves to how to act in an emergency.

Every year, the ASA invites leisure centres and schools to hold their own local events and provides guidance on how to organise this. 

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