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Golden Coast
ePIPE Technology Assists With Costly Swimming Pool Leaks
Small leaks in swimming pools can prove very costly – lost water needs replacing, pools need reheating and chemical controls need to be restored.

Customers with private pools or swimming complexes are often on metered supplies and so have to pay for any water lost.

With this in mind, Certikin North recently called in Pipe Restoration Services (PRS) to help solve a difficult leakage problem with a private indoor pool in a property in the village of Oxshott in Surrey.

Neil Stephenson, General Manager at Certikin North, explained: “Any sort of water loss in a swimming pool is a major issue. This is especially true when it comes to water loss from pipework because finding the location of a leak and then simply getting access to the buried pipes and fittings is almost impossible.”

Available through Certikin North, ePIPE technology from PRS can help solve difficult leakage problems for customers on private pool complexes who have leaks in existing flexible lines.

A comprehensive upfront survey, using pressure testing of pipelines and camera units, helps PRS identify leakage issues. Lining of pipework, typically of 2 to 2.5 inch diameter plastic pipes, can prove to be an appropriate solution.

Having identified the problem at the pool in Oxshott, the PRS team coated multiple lines due to leaks in existing flexible lines with average lengths of runs up to 15 metres. Bespoke adapters were used to eliminate the risk of potential damage to the integrity of the pool surround. Access was a challenge as the plant room was situated below ground and could only be reached via a spiral staircase.

The job was completed with no damage to the pool surround and minimal disruption.

Neil Stephenson added: “PRS has generated a huge amount of interest within the swimming pool industry as they not only identify the problem through their surveying methods, but also solve the problem with minimal site disruption and down time.

“The success of the applications we have organised to date has been 100% and the guarantee offered with the lining gives the end user complete peace of mind that the problem has been solved.”

For more information visit www.certikin.co.uk or www.piperestorationservices.co.uk

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