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JUNE 2024
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Fairlocks Pool Products
Evoqua ATG Reaches Nirvana
Nirvana Spa is a luxurious pure water spa and wellness facility in Sindlesham, Berkshire which offers unique state-of-the-art spa facilities. The crystal clear natural mineral water, drawn from an aquifer deep beneath the Spa, supplies six relaxing pools including the Celestial Floatation Pool, the only place in the UK where you can experience the unique sensation of floating in spring-fed, Dead Sea salt water beneath a sparkling star-lit night sky. All the pools include treatment systems, but the latest addition to Nirvana’s facilities, the Balneotherapy Pool, presented some interesting construction challenges. The circular pool is the focal point of the Colosseum Suite, a two-level building where space was at a premium. It quickly became apparent to the design team at Nirvana Spa that a new plant room would be required to accommodate a traditional treatment process, and they contacted Evoqua to discuss alternatives.

Working closely with the Nirvana team, Evoqua designed a pool water treatment system based around Evoqua ATG’s Wafer® generator, the world’s most compact UV system. The WF-215-6 twin lamp Wafer UV generator at Nirvana can treat up to 200m³/h, yet it is only one third of the size of comparative units making it easy to install and retrofit in the most restricted of plant rooms. With a lamp life of 9000 hours, and the enhanced safety quick release Twistlok™ UV lamps can be changed without removing the wiper motor, another major advantage in a restricted space.

The SPECTRA control system includes features such as data stream monitoring, process interlocks and programmable set points, and it interfaces with most BMS protocols. A key feature is variable power stepping from 100% to 30%, allowing operators to optimise the operational power of their system to match bather loads and pool opening times.

Pre-filtration is provided by Evoqua’s Defender® filter, using regenerative filtration technology. The Defender filter has a much smaller footprint than a comparative conventional sand filter and the complete treatment system was fitted into the existing building, eliminating the need for the construction of an additional plant room.

Nirvana's Maintenance Director, Neil Phelps, was delighted with the outcome. "The lack of space for the equipment was a real problem but, by using the Evoqua filter and UV system we did not need to build a further plant room", he said. "Our facilities are renowned for their excellent water quality and the Evoqua system, has helped us maintain excellent water clarity and a pleasant, relaxing environment for our customers.” Together, Nirvana and Evoqua are Transforming Water. Enriching Life.®

For more information contact Evoqua Water Technologies on 01732 771777 or visit www.evoquawater.co.uk

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