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JUNE 2024
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Fairlocks Pool Products
Filtration For Smaller Pools From Evoqua
Maintaining pool water quality depends on efficient filtration and their are a number of technologies available.

Traditionally, deep bed sand filters have been the first choice for pool water filtration in the UK, however they are large and use significant volumes of backwash water with financial implications in terms of water supply, sewerage charges and energy consumption. Evoqua’s Defender® regenerative media filter (RMF) provides filtration to 1µm, equalling sand or glass media filtration performance but without the need for coagulant chemicals. This means up to 30% savings in chemicals.

Although the benefits of RMF technology have been recognised for decades, Defender® filters have been confined to larger installations. Now Evoqua has introduced the FP Series for smaller pools with flows in the range 24-68 m3/hr. The FP Series uses the latest PowerBump™ cleaning system which delivers a more powerful regeneration using up to 90% less backwash water than deep bed sand filters and, consequently, reduces operating costs. The patent pending (in some countries) system also eliminates moving parts thereby simplifying design, improving reliability and facilitating maintenance.

Constructed in GRP, the filters are cost effective and have a much smaller footprint than deep bed sand filters and fit easily through standard 760mm doorways. This means space saving in new builds and ease of retrofitting in upgrades.

For more information contact Evoqua Water Technologies on 01732 771777 or visit www.evoqua.com

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