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JUNE 2024
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Fairlocks Pool Products
New Product Video From NIVEKO Showcases Entire Pool Portfolio
NIVEKO’s aim has always been to take a step in a new direction, to stand out from the competition and to make an impression with an unexpected idea. Their pools offer outstanding configuration potential and are available in various types, making them unique in their field.

This corporate philosophy has also been followed by the NIVEKO marketing department in making a new company video. Read on for a look at how the entire project originated.

It all began with one simple question – “how to make a video that can easily attracts the interest of a normal person while also providing experts with important information on the topic?” One key point was choosing the right theme for the video, and the company opted for a presentation of the NIVEKO pool portfolio. Each pool type rightly deserves its place in the sun, has its own story and will appeal to a different customer, so the aim was to focus thoroughly on each of them.

The first phase of the project might seem rather laid back, but this was the birth of a future vision that, after months of hard work, was transformed into the result the pool manufacturer wanted. Gathering inspiration, drafting the individual scenes, linking topics associated with the company philosophy, such as manual craftsmanship, tradition and quality, interweaving NIVEKO’s thoughts, feelings and, of course, information.

It was with this concept that the company set out to seek the best partner capable of bringing their idea to fruition. This proved to be a fairly demanding task for many reasons – until then there had as far as the company could tell, been no product videos like this in the pool industry and, perhaps surprisingly, this turned out to be an insurmountable problem for many marketing agencies. After a long search, however, NIVEKO eventually found a full-fledged partner and the project slowly got up and running.

What they wanted as the final outcome was a combination of 3D models, real shots and a voiceover to accompany the viewer through the experience. The scenario as such was therefore the main task that NIVEKO had to deal with before all the other steps. Presenting the characteristics of each individual type, describing what makes each type different from the others, and explaining the main benefits and reasons for buying one – NIVEKO summed all this up in a few short sentences, sentence by sentence, with great emphasis on each individual word.

The next step was to work on the 3D animations, which provide a detailed look at how our overflow and skimmer pools are constructed. The brand’s partners could easily use this video as a marketing aid when selling a pool – simply run the video for the customer and the differences between the individual types are beautifully clear, with no complicated explanation needed. This makes it an exclusive tool that blurs the boundary between marketing and sales, which will benefit all NIVEKO partners across the whole of Europe.

The actual shots were filmed at NIVEKO’s indoor and outdoor showrooms, as well as during installation at the final customer’s site. This achieved the diversity that is inherently associated with the brand’s pools. The scenes showing their demo pools were primarily shot by a drone, which is evident in how smooth they are and the perfect camera angles. The sketch was produced by one of the company’s marketing team and the sequence was then used in a scene in which the stroke of a pencil on paper blends into an effective shot of the pool.

The next day of shooting was all about capturing the stunning looks and details of the pools whilst a model added a human touch to the video, allowing viewers to identify with their idea of their own pool and all the advantages it would offer them. The day was spent shooting the individual scenes in and out of the pool and seeking a natural way to show that fusion with the water element. Everything down to the tiniest detail was under control – the lighting, the camera settings and rehearsing all the shots.

The very last step was to put all those thoughts, ideas, shots and animations together, to have the voiceover recorded by a professional voiceover artist and to select some captivating music as the icing on the cake. All that intensive communication paid off, as the brand’s vision became a reality and the resulting video fully lives up to their original plan – to create something unique – and that’s the story of the NIVEKO product video.

For more information contact NIVEKO s.r.o. on +420 572 693 246 or visit www.niveko-pools.com

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